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FAQ: Answering questions that worry everyone

What guarantees of privacy do you provide to your customers?

Typically, academic writing companies can’t promise you much in terms of privacy and confidentiality. But in our case, even the narrowest cases are covered and prevented. For more than 15 years on the market, we’ve been studying the way our customers want to feel when using our service, and this has led us to the creation of a broad and actionable privacy policy and confidential guarantees that work for any of our clients:

  • Your privacy is protected both technically and by the rules of our service. 
  • We only use secure payment methods, and our website is protected enough to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Our staff never asks any unnecessary questions; they simply do their job without any deeper investigations.

What kinds of data do you typically request and why?

The only data we need is that required for the creation of your account: your name and email. By the way, nobody will verify your name or contact information; it’s only for basic communication. We need this data for tying your orders to your profile, to avoid messing up with assignments, and to do everything correctly. You can ask us to explain what’s going on with your data at any moment, and you are fully within your rights to request the deletion of your account. We’ll erase all the related information, so be sure to get all your assignments done and downloaded before deleting them.

How can I place an order?

After you gather all your requirements for the essay you need, it’s high time to request our help! Here’s what you need to do:

  1. First, you have to open our website and find the order form. It’s quite easy!
  2. Then, you have to fill out the order form, each blank field. It will be great if you have any additional comments to share with us to clarify your vision of your perfect assignment.
  3. After your paperwork for placing an order is complete, you’ll proceed to the payment page. We ask you to pay in advance as a way to declare that you definitely want this or that essay. We have also created a money-back guarantee to protect your rights here; if you aren’t satisfied with the paper, you can request a refund.

That’s all you need to place an order on our website.

How can I use the money-back guarantee?

Every customer of our service can request a refund. Depending on the case, you can get full or partial compensation if something goes wrong. It’s important to mention that we send you real money back, not bonuses or other replacements, so if you’re not quite satisfied with our work, you may request a refund with the help of our customer support team. Our dedicated dispute manager will review your complaint and send you a solution to accept or refuse. As we’re interested in keeping our experience with the clients positive, we’ll make sure you’re satisfied with the resolution of your complaint.

Can I pay for the assignment once I get the readied material?

No, we don’t practice any after-service payments, as this approach leaves our experts unprotected. We’re totally confident in their level of performance and in the fact that you will like the way we work. But in any case, our service wants to motivate our experts with 100%-sure payments for their skills and knowledge, shared with you in the form of requested materials. So, the only option for you is to demonstrate a little trust credit with your payment, and you can be confident that we won’t let you down.

How can I get a better price for my assignment?

The best price for an assignment depends on many factors: its academic level, size and type of task, complexity level, deadline, and so on. For obvious reasons, you can’t change your academic level or the task’s requirements alone, so we offer another option. Try to choose a longer deadline on our website when placing an order, and you’ll see how your final price shrinks! Nobody likes the stress connected with urgent tasks, and neither do our experts.

How can I be sure that my work is not plagiarized?

This is one of the turtles our service is standing on. We wouldn’t have much success among students if we were selling plagiarized papers. Our task is to show you how to follow instructions and give you exemplary and custom-made content that you will be able to master while doing other, similar tasks. Our service has its own in-house plagiarism detection system that checks every paper that’s going to be presented to our customers. Thus, you can be sure that we check each page for uniqueness and that you will only get an original paper.

What formats do your writers cover?

We cover APA, MLA, Harvard, and Chicago/Turabian standards. Moreover, any of these formatting types can be added to your order for free. You should select one of the above-mentioned paper formats and we’ll make everything look professional. We can also work with custom formatting, if you specify one for us, but it’s quite a rare occasion. Our mentors analyze not only what you write, but also how neat and accurate your paper is. So, don’t omit the importance of formatting, especially if you order a huge assignment like coursework or a dissertation.

Can I expect my paper to be delivered earlier?

Typically, more than 98% of our customers get their requests right on schedule. The percentage of those who get their tasks long before the deadline is 79%. It’s not a common thing for us to miss the time limits you give us, so you can be sure that we’ll do everything possible to complete your paper in time. Anyway, if you want to get your paper earlier, please, leave us a comment about this wish and we’ll try to grant it to you. Or just select another, tighter deadline to get the paper before the date you’d expect it normally. A simple magic trick, but it works for students who are fond of planning and time management.

What should I do if I remember more details about my assignment?

If you recall more details about your assignment and you know that our expert is already working on it, you have a few options for adding new details to the existing task. 

  • First, you can chat with your writer directly on the personal order page. 
  • Second, you may use the functionality of the very same page that can help you to add more details to your order. 
  • And third, you can contact our customer support and they will add everything in the best way possible.

If you give us extra details or clarify some instructions, it’s not a big deal. But remember, if you have controversial or completely new requirements, we will reestimate the cost of your task and you’ll have to pay for any new demands you make.

Is your service legal for students to use?

Yes, it’s legal for anyone to use. We can’t be prohibited from writing original content for studying purposes, as professors are not prohibited from writing their books, and business content writers are allowed to create their blog posts. The main thing is always about yourself and how you use the material for your own maximum profit. We want you to study in the most efficient way and thus, we do a lot of work for you by providing you with the best materials ever. It’s up to you how to process this data and make it a part of your personal educational story.

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