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About us

Welcome to the website of our academic writing assistance company! For more than 15 years, we have stayed best friends with our clients—students from all over the world—providing them with high-quality essay services. We have created more than 10,000 papers during this period. With our help, our clients can deal with homework deadlocks, creative paralysis, and just task overflow in general. With the volumes of information circulating now, a single student has to be a superhero to cope with all the homework assignments, volunteering, personal life issues, and part-time or full-time jobs. So, you should try smart approaches to modify your lifestyle according to the winds of change, and we’re happy to help you with that! Our writers, more than 300 in number, can deal with any task you have for more than 80 modern and classic disciplines. Moreover, we have specialized creators for every academic level, so you can be sure that we’ll perform equally well on a research task from a PhD course as we will on a high school essay.  


What makes us different from other services 

You won’t find anything here that will show us as an elitist service. We’re doing everything we can to keep our prices affordable for any student in the world. The main thing that distinguishes us from others is our goal of educating people with our materials. No matter why you asked us for help, our writers apply all the skills and knowledge they have to make the paper essential and exemplary for you. You can request a specific kind of essay and then use it as a guide for any of your other works—we can be your mentors without any additional chit-chat. Our website is also a pleasant place to be; it’s secure and confidential, as a business lounge. Nobody asks why you’re here, but everybody respects your reasons. Here’s the other list of our unique features that makes us different from other writing services:  

  •  Our writers start each new task from a blank page, and never use any prefabricated or previously-used papers.
  • We have the most attentive customer support for any emergencies you might stumble upon. 
  • We have a true money-back policy that returns you real money, not bonuses of any kind. 
  • You can get free revisions for any number of edits before accepting the paper

So, we hope that you find something interesting about us. Don’t hesitate to use your personal order page to contact your writer if you have any questions regarding your assignment. Or, if you have any additional questions about any other cases, please feel free to contact us via our customer support.

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